Professionals in plastic moulding

Stamping of third party plastics

stampaggio conto terzi

Stampo Plast is specialise in moulding plastic materials for third parties. With more than 25 years' professional industry experience, over time we have won the trust our customers and meet deliver their product needs to the highest standards, fast. We begin with the customer's request and, after careful and detailed studies aimed at optimising product performance, develop a design that is able to meet all the needs of the job. Stampo Plast offers unique maximum customisation of moulds, by discussing the different machining specifications with the client. We work with companies operating in a diverse range of industry sectors: from appliances to packaging and the automotive industry.

Our customers trust us for our fast, reliable work and for providing the highest quality standards at every stage of production: from mould design to fine-tuning and completion of the finished product .


Numerical control moulding

During the production cycle, several controls are carried out to ensure the conformity of the articles and maximum precision. Our collaboration with important industrial partners over the years has allowed the company to become specialists in stamping outsourcing, providing customers with a complete and tailor-made service for a variety of needs. Our ability to solve problems in a timely manner, the flexibility of production and delivery times and the advantageous quality / price ratio of the services we offer are essential requirements for customers who choose Stampo Plast. We are located in Bottanuco but are also active in the nearby provinces of Milan And Brescia.

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