Professionals in plastic moulding

Technical plastic products

articoli tecnici plastica

With an eye for detail, Stampo Plast in Bergamo's production of plastic technical articles responds to the precise needs and demands of a diverse range of industrial sectors. We work in plastic moulding for third parties. The products we generate are used in many fields and include motorcycle helmets, automobiles, household appliances, packaging and various building and furnishing sectors.

Custom plastic accessories


Stampo Plast is also capable of maximum personalisation of products by modifying moulds for the production of plastic semi-finished products. We work quickly according to individual demand or according to each customer's personal design. Were trusted by our customers for our dedicated, quality service and fast turnaround time on all personalised products. Every technical article we manufacture delivers with the highest performance and quality standards.


We create small and medium sized plastic components carefully delivering both aesthetically and in performance, in order to adhere to the demands of a market increasingly attentive to the visual impact of brand accessories without neglecting quality. In addition, our products are technically advanced delivering on strength, functionality and stress resistance- a further guarantee of the quality of the semi-finished products we manufacture. Stampo Plast also operates in the nearby provinces of Brescia and Milan.

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