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lavorazione materiale plastico

Stampo Plast is a plastic processing specialist company based in Bergamo. We manufacture a variety of products including components and technical articles in a range of materials such as nylon (PA), polycarbonate (PC), acetalic (POM), ABS, PP, PE and PU.

With many years in the plastic processing industry, Stampo Plast is able to respond to the diverse needs of customers quickly and reliably thanks to our modern and efficient machinery with extensive plastification capabilities.


Our constantly updated fleet of machines is currently made up of 7 presses that are capable of 80 to 150 tons of closure.


We periodically evaluate our machining needs on the basis of incoming orders and acquire any replacement or new generation machinery to guarantee the best performance in terms of quality and precision of the machining to suit the job at hand.


The medium and small sized products produced by Stampo Plast are made using customer's designs and are widely used in some of the most diverse industrial sectors such as the automotive field, the household appliance sector, the construction and packaging industry, for transportation of liquids and creation of motorcycle helmets and bicycles and in the field of accident prevention. The machining of different types of plastics allows the company to work in a wide range of areas guaranteeing, in addition to the perfection of every single detail, punctuality of delivery time with a fast production time.


For more information about plastic processing for your company's needs, or to submit your design to one of our technicians, do not hesitate to contact Stampo Plast's office today. You can call or email us, or use the dedicated contact form within our website.


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