Professionals in plastic moulding

Construction of moulds for plastic materials


Leaders in the field of plastic moulding in Lombardy, Stampo Plast in Bergamo boasts an advanced plastic machining plant with a sophisticated internal tooling department for mould modification and repair. Thanks to our collaboration with external tooling for mould construction companies, we are able to manage multiple orders with punctuality, always ensuring the perfection of the articles made. These tools are dated to last-generation numerical control centres and guarantee excellent efficiency when editing or fine-tuning the moulds, limiting production costs and production time, and delivering a highly effective result to the client.

In addition, the presence of specialised technical personnel and the constant investment in sophisticated machinery and software enable rapid and cost-effective prototypes and the use of pilot moulds for mould testing before passing on to final production.


Thanks to the careful testing phase we carry out, Stampo Plast personnel are able to detect mould imperfections and promptly correct them. The products we generate respond to high quality standards in terms of size and aesthetics and our deliveries are timely, so more and more companies are now relying on our services. For more information or to request a quote, you can contact Stampo Plast directly using the contact form on this page, or by calling our office. We also work in the cities of Brescia and Milan.

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