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Stampaggio a iniezione di materie plastiche

stampaggio a iniezione

Fundamental to the production of plastic articles that reflect high quality standards is the use of moulding technologies and innovative manufacturing processes in keeping with the times. Stampo Plast in Bergamo manufactures technical articles for the industrial and commercial sector through the injection moulding system. Among the most common techniques, injection muolding is one of the cheapest processes for plastics processing and consists of injecting a paste into a mould at a designated pressure.

Injection moulding


We use the latest generation of horizontal injection moulding dies to ensure high-quality machining of plastics. The facilities provided by Stampo Plast also guarantee low production costs, low environmental impact and energy savings: making us the ideal partner to carry out this type of large-scale machining with effective costs and fast turnaround. We are a reliable supplier delivering clients a smooth and optimised machining process at every stage of production: from mould design to plastic article making.


Our machinery allows the printing of different types of plastic such as PA, PC, POM, ABS, PP, PE, etc. The various polymers used to make the products differ according to the target sectors of the various articles made. Our in-house toolbox means fast-setting or modified moulds are also possible, ensuring the best results in the shortest time. We are also available to provide printing companies tailor-made solutions to meet their production needs and we regularly work for companies in Milan and Brescia too.

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