Professionals in plastic moulding

Plastic moulding

With more than 25 years' experience

azienda stampaggio termoplastici

Stampo Plast is located in Bottanuco, Bergamo, and has been operating in the field of plastic moulding since 1988. We work predominantly in the manufacture of technical articles for a variety of applications, using innovative equipment designed specifically for the preparation, maintenance and fine tuning of moulds and plastics.

Plastic processing

Materie plastiche

Production of small and medium technical articles by means of stamping and injection.

Technical articles

stampaggio articoli tecnici

Realisation of highly technical plastic materials, for applications in a variety of industrial sectors.

Third party stamping

stampaggio conto terzi

Plastic moulding with customer's specifications and maximum customisation of moulds.


stampi materie plastiche

Design, manufacture, modify and repair moulds quickly and efficiently thanks to our innovative equipment.


Injection Moulding

stampaggio a iniezione

We oversee the production of plastic accessories by injection moulding for third parties, mainly producing technical articles for home appliances, motorcycle helmets, bicycles and accident prevention, auto parts and packaging accessories.

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